Toothbrush Tile


This toothbrush tile holder is called “The George”. The George won’t give you perfect Hollywood teeth, but it’s twin toothbrush design will certainly look perfect anywhere in your bathroom. And like all Tooletries products, it’s been made with our Patent Pending super grip silicone technology. So it will cleverly stick to any shiny surface ~ mirrors, tiles or glass ~ but can also be easily removed, cleaned and reused.

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Introducing The George, the stylish and practical toothbrush tile from Tooletries. Featuring patented silicone-grip technology, The George easily adheres to tiles, glass, and mirrors, keeping your dental essentials secure and in reach. The flexible fins on this sleek and modern toothbrush holder accommodate toothbrushes of any shape, size, or denomination, with plenty of room for a spare. The perfect way to maintain your dental arsenal in a stylish bathroom, The George is the ultimate toothbrush tile that combines form and function.

Weight0.032 kg
Dimensions2.75 × 2.75 × 0.51 cm