The Oliver Shower Mirror


The Oliver is arguably the best shower mirror you’ll ever use, but it won’t make you any more handsome when shaving in front of it. Sorry about that. But it is shatterproof and looks fantastic sitting above either The Harvey or The James.

It features our patented Silicone Grip Technology, so it will cleverly stick to any shiny surface – marble, tiles, or glass – but can also be removed, cleaned, and reused.

Tooletries. Get your grooming together.

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Introducing The Oliver Shower Mirror, the perfect grooming companion for your daily shower routine. This shatterproof mirror is designed to make brushing and shaving a breeze while you’re in the shower. Thanks to our patent silicone-grip technology, you can attach it to glass or tiles without slipping or falling. Measuring at 6.5 x 5.5 inches, it’s compact and can be easily removed and reused, making it the perfect travel companion. Don’t let your grooming routine be limited to the sink – elevate your shower experience with The Oliver Shower Mirror.

Weight0.122 kg
Dimensions16.5 × 14 × 0.45 cm
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