The Ace Face Scubber Holder


Pardon the pun, but The Ace really is an ace up your sleeve when it comes to your morning routine. Designed specifically to keep the Tooletries Face Scrubber clean and secure when not in use, this 100% silicone cradle makes efficient use of precious bathroom space, and will attach to any smooth surface thanks to our patented silicone grip technology.

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Introducing The Ace Face Scrubber, the perfect addition to your grooming routine. Start your day with a clear head, both literally and figuratively, thanks to our gentle silicone bristles designed for exfoliation. With this scrubber, you can unclog pores, remove dead and dry skin, get rid of “beardruff,” and help prevent breakouts. Use it as part of your pre-shave ritual for the smoothest shave ever, or give yourself a once-over whenever you’ve had a hard day. Our scrubber also comes with an ergonomic grip to make handling a cinch. Simply add your favorite face wash directly to the scrubber and massage onto wet skin for a smoother complexion. The Ace Face Scrubber measures 2.3 x 2 inches and is made with a 100% silicone soft-touch material that’s gentle on your skin. Try it today and feel the difference.

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Dimensions7 × 5 × 1.1 cm
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