Paint Trowels


Our trowels in many sizes are what we use to layer our chalk paint onto a wall to create a lime washed look for a feature wall. The size you choose depends on how choppy you want the texture to look. The smaller the trowel, the choppy-er it will be. These trowels are used instead of brushes to apply fortified paint for this technique.

Introducing our high-quality Paint Trowels, the perfect tool for creating a beautiful lime washed feature wall in your home. Made with premium materials, these trowels are designed for layering chalk paint to create a textured effect. Available in various sizes, you can choose the perfect one to achieve the level of texture you desire. The smaller the trowel, the more choppy the texture will be. These trowels provide a great alternative to brushes when applying fortified paint for this technique. Get ready to elevate your home decor with our Paint Trowels.


1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, Multi Trowel

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