Chalky Paint Weathervane


Chalky Patina Paint-Weathervane- Ultra Low VOC 100% Acrylic Waterborne Paint and Chalky Minerals. Made in Canada.

Smokey greyed purple with iron undertones. A mystical aurora, that is “Weathervane”.

120 ml covers 8-10 sq. feet

473 ml covers 50-60 sq. feet

946 ml covers 100-120 sq. feet

Introducing Weathervane Chalky Patina Paint, a mystical aurora of color for your next project. This unique hue is a smoky, greyed purple with iron undertones that will add a touch of magic to any space. Made in Canada with 100% acrylic waterborne paint and chalky minerals, this ultra low VOC paint is eco-friendly and easy to distress for that perfect patina look. With three sizes to choose from, 120 ml covers 8-10 sq. feet, 473 ml covers 50-60 sq. feet, and 946 ml covers 100-120 sq. feet, you’ll have the perfect amount of paint for any project. Whether you’re transforming a piece of furniture or creating a beautiful piece of decor, Weathervane Chalky Patina Paint is the perfect choice for adding a touch of mystique to your next project.


120 ml- 4oz, 473 ml-16oz, 976 ml-32 oz