Chalky Paint Vintage Velvet


Chalky Patina Paint Vintage Velvet-Ultra Low VOC 100% Acrylic Waterborne Paint with Chalk Minerals. Made in Canada.

Vintage Velvet is our darkest grey shade. It is a graphite, ash, iron, charcoal kinda colour.

120 ml covers 8-10 sq. feet

473 ml covers 50-60 sq. feet

946 ml covers 100-120 sq. feet

Introducing Vintage Velvet, a stunningly dark and sophisticated grey shade that exudes timeless elegance. With shades of graphite, ash, iron, and charcoal, this color is reminiscent of the classic velvet fabric. Our paint, has been specifically designed to give a matte, chalky finish that is perfect for achieving that vintage look. Our Vintage Velvet paint provides excellent coverage, allowing you to cover up to 8-10 sq. feet with just 120 ml. Choose from our 473 ml, which covers 50-60 sq. feet, or 946 ml size, which covers 100-120 sq. feet, and transform any piece into a masterpiece!


120 ml- 4oz, 473 ml-16oz, 976 ml-32 oz

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