Chalky Paint Road to Hana


Chalky Patina Paint Road to Hana-Ultra Low VOC 100% Acrylic Waterborne Paint with Chalk Minerals. Made in Canada.

Tropical rain forest, leafy and lush green.

120 ml covers 8-10 sq. feet

473 ml covers 50-60 sq feet

946 ml covers 100-120 sq feet

Experience the lushness of the tropics with Road to Hana chalk paint! Inspired by the verdant greenery of the Hawaiian rainforest, this rich and leafy green will transport you to a world of natural beauty and tranquility. With its smooth and velvety texture, it effortlessly glides onto any surface, providing excellent coverage and a gorgeous finish. Use it on furniture, home decor, or any DIY project to infuse a touch of nature into your living space. Available in 120 ml, 473 ml, and 946 ml sizes, Road to Hana covers 8-10 sq. feet, 50-60 sq. feet, and 100-120 sq. feet, respectively. So go ahead, and take a journey on the road to Hana with our exquisite chalk paint!


120 ml- 4oz, 473 ml-16oz, 976 ml-32 oz

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