Chalky Paint Driftwood


Chalky Patina Paint- Driftwood- Ultra Low VOC 100% Acrylic Waterborne Paint with added Chalk Minerals. Made in Canada.

Salty ocean and bleaching sun create the whitened grey that is driftwood. Try any of our antiquing waxes with this one !

120 ml covers 8-10 sq. feet

473 ml covers 50-60 sq feet

946 ml covers 100-120 sq feet

Introducing Driftwood, a chalk paint inspired by the weathered look of driftwood. This whitened grey shade captures the essence of the salty ocean and bleaching sun. Use it to add a touch of coastal charm to your furniture and home decor. For an extra touch of character, try pairing it with any of our antiquing waxes.

Available in 120 ml, which covers 8-10 sq. feet, 473 ml, which covers 50-60 sq. feet, and 946 ml, which covers 100-120 sq. feet. Our Ultra Low VOC 100% Acrylic Waterborne Paint and Chalk Minerals formula ensures that your project can be completed with a clear conscience. Made in Canada.


120 ml- 4oz, 473 ml-16oz, 976 ml-32 oz

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