Chalky Paint Beach Glass


Chalky Patina Paint Beach Glass- Ultra Low VOC 100% Acrylic Waterborne Paint with added Chalk Minerals . Made in Canada.

Take me back to the Florida Keys – the soft distressed look of aqua with an aged sea salt frost, from shutters to jewelry all find their home in the color of beach glass !

120 ml covers 8-10 sq. feet

473 ml covers 50-60 sq feet

946 ml covers 100-120 sq feet

Beach Glass chalk paint evokes memories of warm ocean breezes and sandy shores with its soft, distressed aqua hue and aged sea salt frost finish. It’s the perfect color for all your coastal-inspired decor projects, from upcycling shutters to creating beachy jewelry. Made in Canada with ultra low VOC 100% acrylic waterborne paint and added chalk minerals for that perfect chalky patina finish.


  • 120 ml covers 8-10 sq. feet
  • 473 ml covers 50-60 sq. feet
  • 946 ml covers 100-120 sq. feet

120 ml- 4oz, 473 ml-16oz, 976 ml-32 oz

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