Antiquing Soft Wax


if you would like to add a little more patina, use one of our lovely soft waxes.

White Wash – leaves a white beach-like finish – clean & fun !
Coffee – dark brown, leaves a warm antique finish like that of old tobacco stains.
Clear Soft – use in place of our hard beeswax for an easier application.
Carbon – dark grey black, an exceptional choice for cooler combinations.

Introducing our Antiquing Soft Wax collection, the perfect way to add a touch of vintage charm to your furniture. Available in multiple colors, these waxes can transform your piece into a work of art.

Our White Wash wax creates a stunning beach-like finish, perfect for a clean and fun look. For a warm antique finish, try our Coffee wax, which adds a dark brown tone, reminiscent of old tobacco stains. Our Clear Soft wax can be used as a substitute for hard beeswax, providing easier application. Finally, our Carbon wax adds a dark grey-black tone, making it an exceptional choice for cooler combinations.

Our soft waxes not only add a touch of patina, but they also act as a topcoat sealer, protecting your furniture while adding depth and character to your piece. Give your furniture a new lease of life with our Antiquing Soft Wax collection.


Coffee, Carbon, White Wash

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